5 Day Sugar Challenge


Not sure why nothing you say or do seems to be working? Whether you're dating online or freestyling in person, trying to stand out and make an impression can be nerve wracking. It’s hard to know what you’re doing wrong which is why you should experiment with things you never thought would work for you. This goes back to the tip of upgrading your profile. It’s not just what you write about yourself, it’s also how you present in person. It's all in your presence!

Action: CREATE AN ALTER EGO! Maybe you want to go from plain and passive to overnight bad girl like Xtina. Or simply upgrade your attitude without the physical theatrics like Taylor Swift. Yeah she’s still kinda boring but changing up her attitude in her music did wonders for her career. Whether it’s a physical or mental makeover, give yourself permission to be whoever the hell you want. If being a funnier, sexier, exaggerated version of yourself will help secure the bag, then be that. Figure out what version of yourself you can comfortably pull off. Entertain and make an impression.