5 Day Sugar Challenge


In other words freestyle. Whether you travel often for business, party every weekend, or just go to everyday places (grocery store, doctors office) learn how to spot an opportunity to talk to someone who looks doable. Don't worry, you don’t have to end up with his number or a meeting for a next date. Just talk. That’s how you get over your fear of randomly talking to men you don’t know. Got a loud, in your face personality? Say something bold and play off his response. If he’s not interested or doesn’t have time to talk, who cares? You’re not gonna see him again anyway. Find another target. Passive or shy? Play it safe. Say something a basic bitch would say like sorry, is this vegan? and awkwardly flirt from there. The point is to get comfy talking to strangers to network and get what you want. Remember, men are easy. Wherever they are, there’s money, it’s just a matter of how much.

Action: Walk up to the senior citizen of your choice, smile, get close, and whisper, “What are you doing later?” It’s called flirting and he’ll be flattered even if he suspects something’s up because clearly, you’re out of his league. Make him think you’re naturally charismatic and talk to everybody.  Be an actress for a day and make shit up. Pretend you’ve been stood up or got locked out of your car or forgot to bring your purse. Let him rescue you. Keep honing your approach and eventually speaking up and getting phone numbers (benjamins) will come naturally. Have fun with it.