5 Day Sugar Challenge


When is the last time you read your dating profile? Don’t know how to write copy and can’t afford to pay someone to do it for you? Don’t worry about it. Just say what you mean and mean what you say. I personally prefer a no nonsense approach because I don’t have time to beat around the bush about what I want. Besides, most men care more about pictures anyway so overthinking it is a waste of time. Nevertheless, something simple which conveys class is the best way to go.

“I’m an intelligent and beautiful woman looking for a responsible, humorous, well educated, open minded man. I prefer a traditional relationship preferably long term with a gentleman who sees all that I’m doing and wants to be a part of that by supporting my efforts in every way possible.” Blah blah blah

That hints at ambition and money without saying it and makes clear you want someone who will be there for you. Say it without saying it. If your style is more funny and obscure, then relay that in a classy way too. Also mention expensive hobbies you have that you two can do together (travel, shopping, attending trade shows). The benefit is mostly for you but since he’s included he won’t notice as much and will feel happy that he’s able to satisfy you whether it’s through buying clothes or helping you obtain business knowledge. Stay away from language that hints at sex. That’s the last thing you want on his mind in the beginning. It’s not necessary to describe yourself as sexy or otherwise open the door for sex too early.

Steer clear of using sugardaddy language that will get you flagged and deleted (spoiled, sugarbaby, trophy wife, fine dining, financially secure, or hinting at pay for play). Men bruise easily especially broke ones so keep it strictly vanilla. Train him to respect you first. Make him show you that he’s a gentleman who can care for you. That other shit comes later.

Action: Read through what you have and ask yourself if it’s something that would attract you, yourself. Maybe overall it’s good but think of one sentence you can change or eliminate to make it better. Ask men what they like about your profile and maybe add more of that. Find more intriguing synonyms for overused words (amusing > funny, lively > outgoing). Study copywriting and other women’s profiles if possible to get a feel for what sounds good and put your own spin on it. Eliminate descriptions that are obvious through your filtering like saying you want someone older when you’ve already filtered out younger men hence why older men can match you to begin with.