Is Money Most Important?

Q. Does it matter to you if there’s chemistry at all or do you just care if he has enough money to spoil you? Also, some men only want sex and I’m looking to be taken care of.

A. I would never date a man I didn’t have chemistry with just because he had money. It wouldn’t last long and we’d both get annoyed with each other fast. For him, your looks will only keep him interested for so long and for you, his money won’t be enough to put up with his flaws long term. Money is important but why date if you’re not attracted to him at all or don’t have much in common? A big problem with sugar dating is that too many women do it out of a need for money and very little interest in liking who it’s coming from. That only makes for a bad relationship neither of you wants and if you’re not careful sets you up to be dependent on someone you don’t like and feel you can’t leave. It’s even more nerve wracking if you’re dreading intimacy. Don’t date men you don’t like.

If you feel he wants sex more than being with you, drop him. You’re not his on demand sex robot.

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