How Do I Give Him Space?

Q. How does one give space to busy CEO’s while still making sure they feel loved? Or should I just ignore them until they’re free to seek me out again? Also, if there is one SD who is spending a lot of money, should I stay open to other SD’s?

A. Dating a busy man is a challenge because you want to spend time with someone you truly enjoy but not come across as needy. However, a busy man is making money to take care of you and it’s good to have time apart to miss each other and work on your own projects. I once had a SD who I rarely was able to see because he was busy running his own company. We mostly talked via phone several times a week but he made sure to keep the money rolling in (even mailing me his credit card to use when I wanted) so obviously that kept me happy. I had moments when I was frustrated that he wasn’t available but I also had another man I was seeing as well so he made up for that. I’ve also dated men who regularly took business calls during our dates and while I didn’t like it, I let them know I didnt mind. Some men just can’t separate their personal and work lives and if you want to date him, you’ll have to compromise. I’ve treated all of my busy SD’s the same. I check up on them often and make myself available to meet with them. Their schedules are out of my control so if they can’t see me I don’t worry about it. I just wait for them to reach out instead. What I do mind is that I’m being taken care of whether I see them or not. That’s non negotiable and I make sure they know it.

As for seeing other men while having one who spends a lot, you should have a backup and be open to seeing someone else. It’s normal to have 2 or 3 sugardaddies at the same time but of course the more you juggle, the more stress you’ll have to deal with. I prefer one at a time but I’ve   juggled a few before and didn’t like it. Plus, men don’t like to share so stick to just one or be able to hide them from each other.