Getting Money On The First Date.

Q. I’d like to request for a guy to send a cash gift prior to/at the first meet up to initiate the arrangement....kind of like a security deposit to ensure I’m not wasting my time. Is this too unrealistic?

A. For the most part, yes. Why? Because most men won’t agree to this having never met you and knowing if they’ll be interested in an arrangement past the first date. It’s possible to get cash or a gift at the first meeting but that should be a surprise to you, not because you demanded it to show up. I once got $500 at the end of a date over drinks and knew then I lucked out. Although short lived, that relationship was one of my best ones as he spent thousands in a couple months and funded my business idea at the time. The real problem with demanding a gift is he may think it’s the only reason you came as opposed to seeking something genuine and that could cause you to lose out on what could’ve been a great relationship. On the other hand you don’t want to waste time so short meet and greets are better to get a feel for whether or not you both want to see each other again and if that’s the case, jokingly ask him to bring a gift next time. You can’t avoid timeswasters, you can only minimize your chance of meeting or talking with them for too long. Schedule a few dates back to back so you’re not wasting time and makeup too often coming out. Lastly, if you both have good chemistry over the phone prior to your first meeting and you want to ask for a gift anyway, then do so. Your choice. 

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