Here's an excerpt from my magazine on how to freestyle and possibly get free groceries. It's worked for me before.

Example:  Say you're out grocery shopping and you spot a few silver foxes nearby eyeing you and one looks more put together than the others. Go flirt with him discreetly. Make it a challenge to see if you can get him to buy your groceries. How? After a bit of conversation lightly touch his arm and coyly say, "You're such a big flirt, maybe you can pick this up for me?" Maybe attach a line about working hard to make ends meet. Laugh like you don't mean it but read his face and wait for a response. Be shameless. Paying for groceries doesn't make him a sugardaddy but it definitely establishes his generosity for you as a stranger. After all, you want him to be generous from day one. Get in the habit of talking to strangers and being bold.