How Much Attention Should He Get?

Q. Do you put effort into keeping your SD? I have a new sugardaddy and no matter how I treat him or the bullshit I feed him, he is still interested and consistent. It's shocking to me.

A. I can definitely relate to feeding a guy bullshit and having him stick around. However, if your sugardaddy is good to you then you should respect and treat him well. That doesn’t mean doing whatever it takes to keep him. Some men want a lot of your attention and others don’t. I don’t need to put a lot of effort into keeping mine, we just really get along and have great chemistry. That’s how you end up keeping one long term. I check on him often and help him with his personal goals. That makes him feel good about having me around because he knows I care. No doubt he’d move on if he felt our relationship was one sided. Girls who throw away good ones find it hard to find another one as good as their last. I can relate to that as well when I stupidly let one go because I wasn’t being spoiled enough. Show appreciation for what he does for you, treat him like a boyfriend, and you should have no problem keeping him.