Is He A Timewaster?

Q. I have been seeing a guy for a few weeks. During my first date I made it clear that my expectations included my rent and car note being paid. We've been on two dates where he has given me a total of $500. When I asked about my rent he said to give him a week. Do you think this guy is wasting my time?  Should I get rid of him since he isn't meeting my expectations but is expecting long dates that include sex?

A. At first glance this is tricky because you two have just met but things in the sugar world move faster than regular dating so this is normal. This is why regardless of where you meet a man it's important to let him know you're seeking a mutually beneficial relationship and you don't mean friends with benefits. If your gut tells you he's not going to pay up and that's your hard line, then get rid of him. Otherwise, give him some time, use him for smaller amounts, and pay little attention to him. DO NOT SLEEP WITH HIM! Since he's proven he has some money to spend, get what you can before you bounce if you know he's not gonna come through. As always, on to the next.

P.S. It's not uncommon to meet a man with means and have him start spending right away without getting anything from you. People who've never had it happen to them can shut the fuck up.