Sugarbabies get a bad rap because we profit simply from being women. The usual arguments against my point of view and women who date wealthy usually come from jealous women and men who hate women. Considering the how deck is stacked against most Americans financially, especially women, the hatred is astounding. We’re told to go back to school, get a job, stop being a gold digging whore, stop selling your body, make your own money, you’re lazy, blah blah blah. Guess what? I’ve gone to school full time using loans. I’ve worked two jobs at the same time. College is expensive and wages aren’t going up to match the cost of living. Degrees are becoming increasingly worthless in fields considered to be a sure way up the ladder. People are stuck. It’s easier to attack someone’s morals than it is to address the failures of government and the private sector which cause people to stress about money in the first damn place. It’s also easier to ignore that the ultra wealthy are the the main recipients of welfare. So why not spend their money? People who attack women like me don’t have the power to go after the rich so they go after low hanging fruit, us. How cowardly is that?

Do you also notice the sexist comments from below average men online under stories about women and money? They all have something negative to say. They are quick to attack with us with demeaning comments because they can’t stand to see women being spoiled and teaching others about their self worth. THEY ARE BROKE. These men are scrubs and are afraid you will reject them if you know you’re out of their league and charge accordingly. And they’re right. 

The main reason you should be compensated for your time is because it's the most valuable thing you have that you can't get back. Men will waste it every chance they get and not give a damn because male entitlement makes them think we exist for them. We don't.
Again, love doesn't pay the bills. Why settle down and have kids with a man who is an average or low income earner that you have to struggle with? How is this fair to you and your future children? What kind of memories are you going to make on a working class income? How often will you have to forgo spoiling yourself or kids because neither of you ever have enough money? How many times are you going to tell yourself that one day things will get better? You'll always have to go without and put off your dreams just to survive. Leave that blue-collar shit alone and level up.