Could He Be Controlling?

Q. What do you think it means when a guy tells you he deleted his dating profile for you? Do you think it’s an attempt to keep a woman from dating other men and to possibly keep her reliant on him?

A. Yes. I had a guy tell me this once after only talking to me for a few days. Silly fool. Whether he did or not was irrelevant because I wasn’t that interested in him. Men who say that likely are lying and have profiles on other sites anyway. Deciding to be exclusive to someone who hasn’t proven himself yet is foolish. They’re still playing the game and you should too. On the other hand, there’s  a lot of insecure, desperate, and needy men out there who will do more for you if they think they don’t have any competition. A good strategy is to block him as soon as you get his number and make him think you’ve deleted your profile too. He’ll think you’re focusing your energy on him and that he’s closer to getting laid. NOT! Focus on your finessing skills and not what men say.