Why do women keep having kids with men they know are trash? 

Struggling with one child is one thing but trying to get by with multiple kids can be a nightmare. We see examples online everyday of women struggling through poverty because they were careless with the wrong man and now are forced to handle things on their own with little help. I used to hear people say that women with several kids were getting a lot of welfare and that’s why they did it. That was probably true for some but state assistance provides a substandard existence at best. The cost of living keeps getting higher, daycare is too damn expensive, and many women are not receiving child support. Why stress yourself out like that? This isn’t a third world country where people have lots of kids to help them make a living. 

Every child you have that you can’t afford by a man of low quality is a major setback. Your freedom is instantly limited and you’ll miss out on experiences, jobs, and even lose friendships. Shit is gonna suck when you see other young women enjoying their lives because they don’t have your responsibilities. Women typically don’t abandon their kids to go do whatever the fuck they want like men do. Our kids need us 24/7 and not all of us have family or friends who can give us a break while we focus on making things better. 

It’s hard raising kids while still figuring out what you want for yourself. The younger and poorer you are when you start, the harder it will be to secure the high quality lifestyle and man you really want later. You won’t regret your kids but you will regret not being responsible. You’ll likely feel resentful at times thinking you’ll have to wait until your kids are grown to start really living your dreams. You won’t have to put your life on hold if you’re smarter about who you have kids with. This message is important for all women but particularly those who have babies to keep men who aren’t worth keeping. It’s inevitable you’ll make mistakes while dating but repeating those mistakes is on you, not him or anyone else.  Do better. Your future depends on it.