“Balls are weak and sensitive. If you wanna be tough, grow a vagina. Those things can take a pounding.” - Betty White

You can always count on a woman to step up when a man won’t. Almost any woman you meet will have a story of a time she had to step up and do a man’s job. We pick up the slack at work even though we're not responsible. We raise our kids alone when their fathers abandon them. In relationships, we shortchange ourselves to appease our man’s insecurities at our expense. We’re always fixing their fuckups. Whether it’s professional or personal, women carry the load cause shit has to get done and we’re strong enough to do it. No matter how badly we’ve been treated we somehow bounce back. We perform better under pressure, we’re smarter, more mature, and we live longer.

For as smart and tough as we are we still don’t know why men are such pieces of shit. That’s not what we raise or teach them to be. Some men have terrible childhoods and are badly broken but I think overall, expectation and entitlement ends up being the problem. You could do everything for a man at all stages of his life and it’ll never be enough. When women say men are trash we aren’t defining them, we’re describing them. They consistently show us the bad sides of who they are and we judge based on what we see. I’m not going to entertain the “not all men” defense because it only serves as a distraction and there’s more than enough evidence to conclude that men in general are trash. We’ll date them because humans naturally want affection and love but we really don’t need them. The fact women can have kids without sleeping with men really shows how insignificant they are. People serve a purpose and for men it’s largely to be a provider. Anything they need or want is of little consideration. That's the treatment they deserve for aggressively pursuing us and then living up to the disappointment we already knew they were going to be.

So why bother with men? For the same reason we always have, money. A man on a piece of currency can never disappoint you. Even if you don’t need his, you should take it anyway. Don’t let your pride stop you from profiting off your emotional labor. We can’t change men but we can make some of them useful and MONEY is largely what they are good for.

Women are tough but the smart ones get compensated for it.