Worth It

Gauge his interest. Does he care about you or what he can get from you because he thinks you’re easy? Dating is a game and some men can’t stop playing. Don’t add yourself to his body count to feed his ego.

Excuses are for losers. If he’s barely around when you need him most he is showing you he doesn’t give a damn. He may be showing up for other women instead. You are not a priority and you need to move on. 

Test him. He said he wanted to spoil you so find out if he’s about that life. If a man doesn’t give you anything in the beginning, he won’t give it to you later. Men worthy of your time will be generous and respectful from the start.


Pay attention. Now that he has you, is he delivering on his promises? Talk is cheap and paying your way is the best example to show you he cares.

Avoid men who have a bunch of kids by different women. He didn’t take responsibility when he got them pregnant and he won’t treat you differently. You don’t want a man you have to chase for child support.

Intimacy is not a given. Relationships are about more than sex and the sugar lifestyle is no different. If you always feel the need to sex it up to get anything from him, you don’t need him. You have more to offer than your body. A real man will know that. 

Decide that you deserve better. Part of being in your life requires a commitment to helping you be your best self with his assistance. If he can’t do that selflessly, replace him.