Fucked Up Men

If you ever meet a guy with a sob story, bitch run! They are smooth talkers and rarely own up to their shit. Usually before they hurt you they’ll whine about all the shit that others have done to them as the reason they’re still struggling in life. Try not to laugh as you nod your head empathetically. You might get hurt.

I don’t really know what makes women feel like they need to step up and fix grown men's problems. I’ve known several men personally who see no problem being a drain on women simply because they can and don’t want to take care of themselves. They use their entitlement and fucked up childhoods to make themselves ongoing charity cases to unsuspecting and forgiving women. 

They’re either behind on child support, living with roommates, are on drugs, are violent, have control and mommy issues, twice divorced, cheap or always broke, and/or are living off a woman’s money. How does one find a man like that to be attractive? Why do women come to the defense of trash men who are clearly the problem in their relationships? Just because he seems nice and put together doesn’t mean he is. 

People are quick to say not all men but that purposefully ignores the fact men are largely screwed up individuals responsible for most bad things happening in the world. Men you know, have known, and the ones you read about in the news justify the saying, “men are trash”. The proof is the fact men are the common denominator in most crimes or stories of violence against others. You don’t often hear of women being so awful. I wonder why? 

I know women have to make their mistakes especially when it comes to dating but we owe it to ourselves to not settle and be treated badly. So many women would have saved themselves a world of trouble if they’d just trusted their instincts or listened to others. It’s better to accept he’s fucked up and you can’t help him. There’s nothing fun about finding out the hard way.

Men are what's wrong with living in a patriarchal society. So what’s the answer? I don’t think there is one. Grown men rarely change. All you can do is notice the signs and block the hell out of every twisted fuck you made the mistake of getting involved with ASAP. I don’t care how lonely you are, what he says, or how happy your girlfriends seem with their men.

Never be weak behind dick. Never sacrifice yourself for dick. Men are never worth it. Use and move on.