Ask Sugar!

Q. What do you think about women paying for sugar (dating) advice?

A. Making money off women desperate to find a certain kind of man is easy money, that’s why people charge. I don’t recommend it because profiting off your beauty and charm is something any woman can do. There is some skill involved but most coaches give basic information you can find free online. Telling women how to dress, where to go, how to behave, what to say or do to get a man is basic shit they can read in a magazine. People pay matchmaking services to set them up but there’s still no guarantee the relationship will last and it usually doesn’t. Unfortunately, when people pay for coaching they expect you to get them results fast and when you don’t, they get pissed and call you a fraud. Or they blindly throw more money at the coach thinking they need to give his/her advice at least a few months to work. A lot of sugar coaches have had minimal success with something and think it suddenly makes them an expert so they hype themselves up.

I’ve had women ask me to coach them but I don’t see the point. I’d rather motivate women to avoid trash men and spend men’s money than sell them “secrets” to finding the man they want. 

Coaching requires a lot of time spent getting to know someone who may actually be in their own way. Or maybe they're just not cut out for a certain lifestyle and don’t see it. No one should expect results when someone else’s feelings are involved. Someone either wants you or they don’t. Work on improving yourself and teach yourself how to finesse men. Some things you just have to learn by doing on your own. You'll get better with practice.

Selling coaching for weight loss, real estate or other business ventures is another story. If you can’t profit off what your mom gave you without paying someone to tell you how, then I don’t know what else to say.

So no, I don’t believe in paying for any personal coaching to help women find men (sugardaddies). Most women get scammed, can’t afford it, and still aren’t getting the results they want. When you pay for dating and sugaring advice you’re really just paying for inspiration and hope, not results.