Don’t Blame Us

Is it really any wonder that young women find older men attractive especially in this economy? Dating older wealthy men is nothing new but more women wanting to be sugarbabies is on the rise. Blame the cost of living.

You can’t catch up or save when you spend most of your money on food and rent. Notice how all new apartments being built are luxury units rather than affordable ones? It's pretty fucked up that no one making minimum wage can afford a 2 bedroom apartment in this country. People can't even live in the city they want to because of gentrification yet are supposed to somehow be self-reliant. We can’t all be famous youtubers.

Jealous idiots call us golddiggers and tell us to go back to school. Really? Never thought of that. And with what tuition jackass? Even people with masters degrees can't find a well paying job. Never mind the outrageous cost of childcare making it harder to go work the shitty job you need to scrape by. Why should we have to stress about basic necessities every month that are out of our control. Doesn't sound like the American dream to me.

It’s easier for people attack individuals for their choices instead of the system which makes them choose. People shame you for getting welfare but also shame you if you use a man to keep yourself off the system. You can't fucking win. It’s best to do what the rich do, profit off others just because you can. If an older man wants to pay my way there’s no way in hell I'm saying no. Why should I and why does what I did or didn’t do for it matter? 

It’s a fucked up cycle we’re supposed make work and then we get criticized for how we do it. For women, time and beauty are currencies to be used to get whatever we want. And that's what we should do. Capitalism is the game and we’re just playing it. Use what you have to get what you want.  Be a sugarbaby.