Ask Sugar!

Q. I’ve been trying to land a sugardaddy for months but I haven’t been able to find one. I’m looking online and most guys come off as “regular job” type guys. I want the big fish! And I want it to be a long term thing. Do you have any advice?

Most men on dating sites really are average losers and it fucking sucks but there are some gems in there. I've only met one man who I knew was worth at least $6 million and he was a cheap jerk. My best sugardaddies pulled in between 100-300k per year. You can do just fine with those guys. Pick their brains to find out what their expenses are. From my experience, the big fish don’t have much time to date online and usually date women they meet in person. It’s not as easy as it sounds so you’ll have to get creative and hangout in their zip codes.

Since demand outweighs supply when it comes to rich men, you have to get what you can out of every guy you meet. And yes, I said meet, not date. For example, last year I went on a date with a guy who really thought I was into him. I’ll save the sad details for another time; you would laugh if you saw his face. After dinner I had him run me to Target cause I needed to buy some shit I knew I could get him to pay for. Bitch walked out with a brand new winter coat and other random shit you get at Target. I knew I’d never see him again but that didn’t stop me from texting him a week later asking him to wire cash for a utility bill. He sent it because he thought we we’re meeting up a second time but as soon as I got that PayPal notification his number was blocked. I’ve done this with many others who I knew I didn’t like and thought were jerks. 

At times you may have to start with a smaller allowance and work your way up to a fully funded lifestyle like I did with my longtime sugardaddy. We have longevity because we have great chemistry. Patience and persistence are the key to this lifestyle. In the meantime, use all men. Don’t pay for anything you don’t have to no matter how small.