Ask Sugar!


Q. Hey Sugar. I talk to a lot of men online but there are so many damn flakes who are disrespectful. They pretend to want an arrangement but then proceed to call me a gold digger when I insist on hashing out an allowance before being intimate. It seems like most sugardaddies are like this. I want to live the sugar lifestyle but it’s often frustrating and makes me want to quit. Help!


A. Fuckboys are a common problem that all of us deal with. Any guy who doesn’t want to discuss and follow through on an allowance knowing damn well he met you on a sugar dating site is trash.  Block his ass and keep looking. If you met a man on a traditional dating site and he agreed to a mutually beneficial relationship, then that’s what should be discussed before sending nudes and sleeping with him. There is a difference between teasing them to draw them in and giving away too much before getting what you want. Men are the original scammers. Most of them train themselves to use you without giving much of anything back. I hang in there because I‘ve had the best dating experiences with men I’ve met who wanted to provide for me. I was treated to a lot of things that average men need years to save up for and actually don’t want to give women they can’t control and aren’t married to. Your sugardaddy is out there. Once you start getting spoiled by the right men, there’s no way you’ll go back to dating trash men. Persistence is key.