Spend His Money

If there’s a man in your life, then you have absolutely no reason to pay your own bills. Yes I fucking said that!! I don’t give a damn if you make your own money. Dealing with men is a full time job and like any other job you should be paid to work cause that’s what relationships are. Men require the kind of emotional labor that leaves you feeling like you have 3 kids and some of you actually have 3 kids. In fact, some men never stop breastfeeding and that definitely costs extra.

Women have a problem with putting themselves first and that’s how we get run over. Too many women are out here struggling on their own (working, going to school, raising kids, etc) and still trying to help a dick. You are not every woman and you shouldn’t be doing every damn thing when you have a man around. If you think he’s a good man but he just doesn’t make enough, get a side man who can pick up where he can’t. Times are too damn hard to not get what you deserve. You see the how the Republicans are trying to make sure you don’t get ahead. Somebody has to pay for that.

A lot of women take pride in making their own money and that’s fine but they mistakenly think it means they should go 50/50 on everything or sometimes pick up the tab. No ma’am. A woman should NEVER pay a man’s way. Only a broke and controlling loser would let her. I’m pretty sure all those women who got used, abused, and left wish they never spent a dime on a his trifiling ass.  Am I right?  

Time is money and money pays the bills, that’s why your man should take care of you. You need only look back on your past dating experiences to remember what you’re not putting up with for free. What we’re not doing in 2018 is letting men use us.